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    Nathan Head’s colour rich work captures the mundane in a refreshed nostalgic light. He is inspired by Korean pop music and it’s accompanied visuals, which is often reflected in his retro pop portraiture and snapshot style cityscapes. “My interest in Korean pop music opened my eyes to how music and colour can change the mood of an image or situation. Reboot by Wonder Girls is my go-to album for inspiration, both visually and musically it has shown me the beauty of 80’s visuals and fashion.”

    Head has always had a keen interest in art throughout his childhood. He was initially drawn to sketching and painting as it gave such a wide creative scope and he had every colour in the world to play with. It wasn’t until his first year of studying photography at college that he realised the creative potential of the photography medium. “I was not a very patient artist in my school years, I wanted instant results and traditional mediums weren’t necessarily giving me what I wanted. We held a class exhibition in the first year of college, I had presented some snapshot images of my late great-grandmother’s house and the feedback I received was fantastic. I felt like my point of view was finally being recognised and understood.”

    Head then went on to study commercial photography at university for about half a year, however due to a conflict of interest decided to pursue his photography career in the way he wanted to. “I like to have complete creative control over my work, I am so passionate about showcasing my own point of view”.

    Tall apartment blocks, gas stations and laundrettes are some of Head’s favourite places to shoot. “I like to shoot buildings that give me a nostalgic feel of America. Living in England can make this a challenge so I try and find a few places that pique my interest before I go out and shoot.” Head’s latest series ‘Neighbourhood’ explores his hometown through his nostalgic, colour drenched perspective. “I have a huge appreciation for the overlooked, taking scenes such as a shop front or a bus stop and making it something worth looking at. This series has given me a greater appreciation for my hometown and what it has to offer visually.”

    Head’s work has been featured in Arkitip magazine’s ‘Arkitip x Ello’ issue, as well as winning a grant from a public vote. His work is also to be featured in a Phlearn video highlighting his unique perspective and how it’s envisioned through the digital editing process.

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